Brownies by Amy (age 8)

I go to 7th Bristol (Southmead Baptist) Brownie Unit.

Brownies is a group for girls aged 7 to 10. We meet once a week in the Scout Hut in Doncaster Rd. We play loads of games and make things. We have time to choose the games we play and what we make for special occasions like Mother’s Day. We also get badges: last year we put on a show for the adults and got our Entertainer and Hostess badges.

The best bit is doing the craft. I found making friends hard at first but after a while you get to know people and you make lots of new friends. If you are a bit shy like me you can ask someone if they will look after you for a bit and they are called Brownie Buddies.

It is a brilliant group and everyone is really kind.

If you want to join Brownies you can sign up on the website