Back to Badock’s!

In the summer term the front of Badock’s Wood E-act Academy had a facelift with a new mural. Pupils worked with the artist in residence, David Bain, to design the mural and then some pupils got involved with painting it. The pupils gave David lots of ideas about what they wanted the mural to reflect and they love the final design espeically the bright colours and the use of leaves and animals. The longstanding school values of “Be kind, Be safe, Try your hardest” can be seen in the final artwork. These are the values that both pupils and staff try to keep in all that they do. David spent four days at the school and invited a few of our children, who are keen artists, to join in with him. They absolutely loved helping him.

Every day from now on pupils will be greeted by the mural as a bright reminder of the values that the school holds dear.  But what are the pupils and staff most looking forward to this year?

Our new Head Girls Krystal and Ruqayya said, “I am looking forward to helping people around the school, helping make people feel proud of themselves” and “I am looking forward to more learning opportunities, doing SATS and year 6 camp”.  Staff echoed these feelings. Mr Arthur our Head said, “we want to make the community proud” and Mrs Kelly our Deputy Head said, “I am looking forward to watching children get all the amazing experiences that we can give them so that they can continue to flourish and grow”.

We want the whole community to be welcomed in to our school so I am most excited to see our School Hub full of people taking all sorts of courses.  The courses are available for anyone in the community to take part in. So far, these courses have included First Aid, parenting, supporting mental health, getting back to work, English as an additional language and healthy cooking. Anyone is welcome to join a course, you don’t have to have a child at the school. To find out more you can give the school a ring: Tel: 0117 903 0050, email:

before and after pics below!