Arnside Road shopping area is nearing completion

The improvements to the Arnside Road public areas will finish this month.  These are part of the Arnside & Glencoyne Square Regeneration Project which has been developed by Bristol City Council in collaboration with the Southmead Community and include –

Phase 1 – Greystoke Ave parking: completed November 2020

  • General parking has been removed from Arnside Road, with only disabled parking and loading remaining between the shops.  A three hour daytime parking limit has been introduced on Ullswater Road and in front of the shops on Greystoke Avenue.
  • New unlimited parking has been created along Greystoke Avenue and is now in use.








Phase 2 – Sustainable Drainage (SuDs) pods on surrounding roads:  completed May 2021

  • Eight sustainable drainage pods have been constructed and planted up in the roads to the north of Arnside Road. These will help to hold back rainwater and reduce flooding downstream, as well as bringing colour and nature to the local streets.















Phase 3 – Arnside public realm improvements: completion due May 2022.

  • Greystoke Avenue junction improvements: New traffic lights; improved crossing facilities; streetlights; and paving have been installed. The community noticeboard is now relocated near the crossing by Tesco.
  • Greystoke Avenue service road: Frontage of the shops; new paving; and street furniture – seats, cycle hoops and bollards – have been installed. The telephone box was relocated and new trees have been planted.
  • Arnside Road: The road between the shops will reopen in May when the works are completed.  There are wide pavements and a new cycle route, together with new streetlights, seats, cycle hoops and litter bins.  The new granite benches feature artwork by Nick Hands and Simon Tozer; these were developed with local people and celebrate Southmead, including David Prowse.
  • Underground services have been relocated to allow large SuDs trenches to be excavated on both sides of Arnside Road. This is the first time ‘Stockholm’ tree pits have been built in Bristol and means Arnside has an avenue of trees, aswell as helping to reduce flooding downstream. There is ‘raingarden’ planting along each side of the road.
  • Ullswater Road: The retaining wall behind Iceland has been removed to create wider footways, improved parking bays and to allow new tree planting. The area has been repaved and there is new street furniture, including a new community noticeboard.